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Thread: RF remote

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    RF remote

    Is there an RF remote for the Mac that would give basic cursor control, with maybe 4-5 other controls? Something credit card sized, like what most car head units ship with these days. I'm thinking mac mini now =) for the car. I don't need touch screen and i don't want to go with a mouse for kb in the front of the car. A little remote would be perfect to navigate through the menus of the front end, as long as it is programmed correctly. I know they make such things for the PC, but I'm a total Mac noob.

    Thanks for any help.

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    just use your bluetooth capable cell phone as a remote to save money:

    you can find quite a few posts about it on google, just to name one:

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    This rf remote from Griffin is comming:

    And you have the ATI Remote Wonder II

    For more options on remote's you can have a look at the
    CenterStage site

    I also think that CenterStage is going to be a great MMC project and can be used in the car also

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