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Thread: Call (again) For devs

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    Call (again) For devs

    We still need someone who knows how to code applescript well. I'm stumbling around here, since there's not much documentation on how to make an app using applescript studio.

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    There are several books on it out there, plus the Apple Developer Network has a complete reference online (requires registration and login). Depends on how your do your programming thing:-)
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    If i had access to a mac id help out

    I have a knac for learning things in a few hours don't ask me how

    But i can basiclly learn anything i need in a few hours depending on the type of stuff im learning.

    I'll see how much it cost to hire a mac powerbook for a few days and i'll see what i can do from there for u guys

    What exactly do you need done? music? video? pic? what module do u need help with maybe i can search and ask a few mac ppl for examples of what you want
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    Looks like i'm going to be helping bugbyte w/ his project, since its applescript-based. morre in a minute...

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    I am just getting into the whole car-pc thing. After doing a lot of research, it seems like the mac mini is the way to go (even if you install linux on it) it is still cheaper than building your own. Anyway, are you open to developing something in java to do everything. I am currelty a software engineer working on embeded systems in linux, so until I get a mac, this would be my enviornment. Also, i think it would be great to have a platform independant interface for car-pc's. Any comments.

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