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Thread: Rayming TripNav GPS?

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    GPS and Route 66 on the Mac

    Guess, I was lucky, but I had none of the issues FireAnt had when installing on two computers, a Mac mini and a 17" Powerbook.

    The GPS unit and Route 66 work, but like others have said, it is not perfect. It looks to me as if the program was written by Windows programmers.

    What do I mean by that? Most Mac programs are intuitive. This took a little digging to it to work, and to use many of the features. That being said, it does work.

    Getting the final pieces together before I start on the install of the goodies!
    Work in progress - 95% Complete

    MacMini 1.42GHz 1GB RAM - WiFi, Bluetooth
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    GPS - Rayming TN-200 w/ Route 66
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    I have not got mine in the car yet. But at my computer desk it seems to work. It will take some getting used to on such a small screen 7". I was disappointed that it placed my street address about 1 block west of where it should have. But the GPS icon showed up at exacly the right spot. Even 1/3 of the way between my street and the street behind me. Right about where my desk is.

    I'm getting tired of waiting for the Power supply for this Mac Mini so I may get an Invertor this week and wait for the powersupply that has the right plug in May or June.

    05 MINI Cooper Cabrio "Mac MINI"
    progress 95%- Mac Mini, Lilliput 7" , usb-wifi, Rayming GPS, Route 66,easy cat touch pad, CCAR front end"skinned",P1900 power supply

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    Dunno if its the new version of OS X. I believe my mini came w/ 10.3.7.

    I had a VERY similar problem to this with my lilliput. My drivers would not remember my settings (touchpoint calibration). Well I spent a little bit of time and erased all the dirvers/ extensions/ install logs. I then enabled the root user through net manager and logged in as root. Installed all of the drivers again in root, calibrated the screen and now it all works and remembers the settings in all of my users. I hope this isn't a continuing problem in the new version of OS X cause it sure is a pain in the ***. I did not have to do this w/ OS X Jaguar.

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