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Thread: Any Virtual Keyboards? Free?

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    Any Virtual Keyboards? Free?

    I'm looking for an on screen keyboard for the Mac that is free. Anyone have a link? Will use with my Lilliput 7" Touch Screen.

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    It's not free, but well worth taking a look at. It even has a free trial. Kind of pricey though.

    You could always use the keyboard viewer built into OS X:
    System Preferences>International>Input Menu - turn on
    Then access from menu bar. You would have to use a stylus probably to use if efficiently, but free.

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    Here's one that's relatively inexpensive - $12.

    It has a few different layouts (small, standard, and extended) that can be resized. There are also a few preferences to control its functionality.

    You can try it out for free for 14 days.

    Check it out...
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    That one looks pretty promising. Good find. Have you tried it out yet?
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    well OSX comes with one bui;t in it looks like crap but works.
    it's in your international settings in the control pannel
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    In fact you can build your own! Using Inteface Builder and ProjectBuilder, I managed to code a little proof of concept last year, complete with preliminary voice support. Unfortunately I'm still using 10.2 so I had to rely on an external app to output the key to the system (Ex: salling clicker, or other scripting addition), but I believe with 10.3 you can do it more easily, thanks to GUI Scripting.

    Of course I can't try it but the code would look like

    tell application "System Events"
     tell process X
      keystroke "I" using command down
      -- you can use modifier keys, too!
     end tell
    end tell
    Otherwise, TouchStroke is wonderful, but at 95$, I prefer to use a less featured product.

    Good luck!
    Unfortunately just dreaming about it.. :P

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