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Thread: EVDO Network Relays Car Information - Link Inside

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    EVDO Network Relays Car Information - Link Inside

    Check This Out

    I just saw this on It looks pretty sweet.....and they're running it on macs. It doesn't really go into much detail, but how do you think this is possible and what software do you think they are using? Please make any coment. Thanks.

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    Theres no special software, they are just running a navigation program i.e. route 66, and a webcam program. They don't actually send any data through the web connection, only suggest it. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Yea I saw that earlier. Pretty cool idea though.
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    Products Used:

    GPSCity GR230 BlueTooth GPS (although this is discontinued, there are many newer models available)

    Route 66 Mapping Software (available for Windows and Mac OSX. This is the software that shows the map and if you have a GPS receiver, shows you location in real-time on the map

    EvoCam (there are many different WebCam software for Mac and Windows - this one is for Mac).

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    EVDO Antenna

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    Ahhhhh....ok I see now. It is a pretty cool idea indeed though. Thanks all.

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    Yeah, I saw something about that on It looks very similar to something that Frodo is working on.
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    That is exactly what I am working on. As soon as I get my webcam I'll have that part of it implemented.
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