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Thread: Radioshark Mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by bad-at-this
    Not to be a pain but can one of you guys that has modded the antenna do a FAQ on style post listing the steps (which I know are above) but with a picture before and after or at least after with some arrows?

    I took a ton of pics when I did mine. That's as good as it's gonna get from me, since it's all back together and installed in the car.

    Nothing to it - just trim the copper antenna wire and solder it to the positive terminal on the motorola jack.

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    can tell my how to use radio shark run with your program what i want to say i buy radio shark v2 but idont know how i can on the program with road runner so thers any patch or any plungs??

    help me plz

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    I wish there was a Centrafuse plugin!!

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    Anyone try working with Radiator to support Radioshark?

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    You guys are posting in a Mac thread. Try on the Windows side.
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
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