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Thread: Mac min sleep solution

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    Also make sure your Energy Saver settings have both the computer and the display settings turned to Never on the slide bar. This has caused problems for all my Macs in the past, when trying to wake them up. Loss of signal.

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    FYI. Here's some real-time test data.....

    Battery relatively new (6mo old) 60AH standard battery.
    While Mac mini in sleep powered by P1900 in "Standby" mode (+18.5V output)
    9:30AM - V(battery) = 12.46V
    5:30PM - V(battery) = 12.32V
    8 hours, .14V drop in V(battery)
    (next day)
    8:30AM - V(battery)= 12.32V **NO CHANGE**
    It appears that the battery had a small initial discharge and then settled out to 12.32V. The Mac resumed this morning with no problem.

    This looks very encouraging.

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    How is that encouraging? What does it encourage? IM still not understanding you.
    (All done)
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    Means he is only losing .42 volts from his battery a day in sleep more. That means he can have it sleep for a couple of days at least and still be able to start the car up.

    Really though, if you aren't going to be driving for days, just shut down, so .14 volts over night is miniscule.


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    MIKE THATS AWESOME! Now let's get these things shipping... When will you have everything ready... PSU & YCABLE for shipping.. I still haven't bought the inverter waiting to buy the p1900. Mike how much more waiting time?


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