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Thread: Someone please email Steve Jobs, this is out of hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by lastberserker
    How quickly people forget, the full motto was Think different, pay Jobs instead

    actually, steve jobs doesnt make any money working for apple. He has stock options only. His salary for 2004 was and I quote:

    ...Steve Jobs salary was only $1 last year, which may make you wonder why he's considered "overpaid". It turns out that Apple granted him nearly $76 million in stock, which sort of offsets the low basic salary (not to mention his $52 salary from Pixar and his free use of the corporate jet)."

    just saying man
    (All done)
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    Quote Originally Posted by shreddie
    Hi All

    I have just completed the Minis final configuration and I must tell you the Co-Pilot running in a Win2K virtual machine is the cats meow. Works like a champ, only downside is the VPC requires you to manually select your USB devices you want Win2k to see which kind of slows down the startup a bit but I will figure out a way around this
    Thanks for the report! I'd read from one other that this worked okay as well. Nice to hear that it seems functional on the Mini. That will save me from buying another GPS program until a native Mac solution that works well is available.
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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