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Thread: Any Mac experts on PMU?

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    30s is too long. Its why i wanted a mac in my car from the getgo, way before the macmini was a glimmer in Steve Jobs's eyes.

    CUz all the threads i was reading were about slimming down Windoze to get it to startup faster than 120s and wake from hibernate in less than 30s. My agruement was a mac in sleep to wake is 5s tops, and I got flamed for it cuz everyone said SLEEP takes more watts than hibernate and thusly why it takes longer.

    And my arguement, like here, is **** that GET A SECOND BATTERY and bam yu can get in yer car, turn the key and faster than any aftermarket head unit can turn on, spin the CD and go (beep beep, listen VERY VERY closely many HU beep internally when accessing a CD from startup) you are already driving with yer MP3s playing from yer mini.
    (All done)
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    I'm so stupid I'll answer this. It's not going to make any difference, but I'll answer it.

    I don't want a second battery in my car. It's small and the trunk is REALLY small. The computer is in the trunk and already takes up a lot of space. Putting a battery in there complicates the set up and takes up too much room.

    The passenger compartment, front and back seats are used daily and have no space for a battery. The only practical place I could put a reasonable sized battery for sleep is in the engine compartment and I'm not sure it will fit in there.
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdashiki
    And my arguement, like here, is **** that GET A SECOND BATTERY and bam yu can get in yer car, turn the key and faster than any aftermarket head unit can turn on, spin the CD and go (beep beep, listen VERY VERY closely many HU beep internally when accessing a CD from startup) you are already driving with yer MP3s playing from yer mini.
    Wow. Allow me to get offended. YOU DONT ******* GET IT. Stop blithering and read before you reply.

    Having a second battery doesn't get you to the 18+V that the Mac Mini needs to wake up from sleep. Mike explained this to you in detail, but you are so hung up on your brilliant idea you refuse to listen to it.

    Mike, I think the situation is a little more complicated than would be ideal. Yes there are several ways to tweak power consumption in OSX, but they're not going to get you there. Like you said, its not so much the consumption as the +18V issue. Perhaps more serious hardware modifications to the Mini itself? I know its not ideal from a product perspective, but I'm really just grasping for straws. The various bits you're going to be able to twiddle to change power consumption aren't going to get you the last mile with this problem.

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    I haven't been keeping up on this all that closely, but is the issue getting the mini to wake from sleep at all, or just with the car off?

    The second battery idea will help those that use their systems without the car running or for those who go on 2 week vacations and can't remember to shut down the system before they leave, but it sounds like the mini has some power requirements that make it more difficult to power.

    Is there a reason that people are going the mini route over a used laptop? Seemed like a natural choice for me when I was deciding on what to get...though the mini wasn't out then. Mini would be much faster than my Pismo G3 500, but the built in battery will make my life much easier.


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    “Wow. Allow me to get offended. YOU DONT ******* GET IT. Stop blithering and read before you reply.”

    Come on let’s play nice : )

    “Having a second battery doesn't get you to the 18+V that the Mac Mini needs to wake up from sleep.”

    DC to DC converter, no?

    Anywho, I had an interesting thought coming home from work today. As you may or may not know os x uses a virtual memory system, ie when it runs out of ram it writes to the hard drive. Perhaps someone could do some serious hacking of os x so that when sleep is called the memory gets dumped to the hard drive, and when it waked it is restored. This could possibly help during sleep because you don’t need to worry about the memories state, well atleast all of the memory, you only need to keep that one pointer to the location of the rest of the memory. Eh pretty far fetched idea... probably doesn't hold water, but who knows anything is possible.
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    Ok you know what.....this is like the third post I've seen you ramble on and on about your second battery idea. WE GET IT ALREADY. Some people just don;t want to take that route, and would rather do it with their stock battery. And, if you would read, you would still have these issues with a second battery. Please, people have different opinions, just STOP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdashiki
    but yer working on a problem that to me seems pointless to attempt. Why are you wanting to figure this out? What does it solve for you?
    I mean WHY are you so interested in solving this problem, backasswards when my suggestion works 100% and needs not room for improvement.
    sdashiki, Do you even realize that Mike H. is from Carnetix the company with the DC-DC, 12v to 18v converter, know as the P1900, soon to be sold right here in the mp3car store? It is of great value you to him to figure this out in a way that will make his power supply product the Wonder Box and compatible with sleep mode for long periods of time.

    I would love to use sleep in my MINI cooper and I have no room for an extra battery. I might consider putting an 18v laptop battery on the mac mini side of the power supply to provide who knows how many hours of sleep. If this could be configured along with software that shuts down after? hours of sleep I wouldn't have to worry about my car battery. My convertible top allready draws many amps from the battery 4 times a day with opening and closing.

    Let's work together and figure this out

    Thanks, Mike F
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    Time relais anyone?

    Have anyone thought of using time relais?

    We use them in buses when our equipment needs to communicate with the back office over WLAN after the power to the bus has been switched off. The ones we use can be configured to have power on from a few minutes to a lot of hours. We have set them to 1 hour which means that the power will remain for our equipment for 1 hour from the time the main switch is switched.

    That might solve a few problems, or not :-)

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    Thanks for the input. However, the problem we are facing is not so much "switcing" power (ie relays) as it is "conserving" power. What we are trying to do is minimize, as much as possible, the power demand of the Mac during its sleep time. Previously we thought that we could use the car battery to directly provide +12V to the mac while it slept. However, we have found out that +12V does not seem to work reliably. Now we are back to letting the P1900 provide the power (+18.5V) to the mac during sleep. This seems to work 100% of the time but consumes more power than the direct battery connection. As it turns out, this may not be a problem if your battery is in relatively good shape. I have been experimenting with this for the past 2 days and the load (~200mA) does not seem to discharge the battery significantly, especially if you use the car regularly (ie start the engine and let the battery recharge to its full potential). The real question (yet to be answered) is just how many days can you draw 200mA from your battery without damaging it.

    As other members have suggested, a secondary battery fed by a battery isolator might be a good solution, however others don't have room in their car, or don't want to spend and extra ~$100 on this solution. So what we hope to do is find a lowest cost solution that provides the best possible performance (starting to sound like a big corporation now....

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Thanks for the input.

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    Alright, I might be missing something here but a little while ago someone listed a programme called i-Buzz or something like that. That programme allowed the setting of a timer to wake the Mac after a period of sleep. If we set that to say 2 hours and asked Mac to go into sleep after 5 mins of inactivity, wouldn't it simply operate off 12v for two hours at a time on a 100ma drain, wake itself up for 5 mins and go back to sleep?

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