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Thread: Quick n Dirty TMobile Bluetooth GPRS howto

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    Quick n Dirty TMobile Bluetooth GPRS howto

    Mac Mini 'Ultimate'
    Nokia NGage QD on TMobile w/ Unlimited Internet plan

    Providing you're already getting on GPRS from your phone..

    1. System Preferences -> Network
    Location: Automatic
    Show: Bluetooth

    2. PPP
    Telephone Number: *99#
    *some phones may prefer the number to be one of the following
    *99***X# where X is a number between 1 and 5
    or, others prefer the APN, for example:

    3. PPP Options...
    Uncheck everything under Advanced Options, Click OK

    4. Bluetooth Modem
    Select Nokia Infrared (unless you're using some other brand..)
    Check "Enable error correction and compression in modem"
    Uncheck "Wait for dial tone before dialing"
    Check "Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar"
    Check "Show modem status in the menu bar"

    5. That's all.. just click connect from the modem icon in the menu bar..

    Granted you'll be at your destination before you finish loading the page.. it'll still work for AIM, etc.. Tmobile's website has phone-specific instructions, but they were wrong in my case.. If you're using a different phone, you may need to select a different modem script..

    good luck

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    Nice n Clean TMobile BT GPRS Howto

    A cleaner way can be found here:

    once that's set up, configure PPP under Bluetooth. select 'PPP Options...' and check "Connect automatically when needed". So then, unless the Mac is connected via Airport, when an outbound request is made, say for ichat, the computer will automatically connect with your phone to TMobile's GPRS hookup.

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