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Thread: Modding eMac g4 700mhz gen1 for car applecation

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    Modding eMac g4 700mhz gen1 for car applecation

    i have a emac 700mhz gen1 and the CRT is dead so id like to use the logic board and power supple it works powers up i get video from external monitor but boots to flashing ? mark but that a HDD issue not worried about that... i found and artcle on how to do what i want and the link too the service manual but im not the greatest when it comes to electronics and soldering and making cables...
    if i could get some help from the experts.. i am mac tech but only help desk im a pc tech but i hate intregrated stuff.. if any locals can help me PLZ id rather invest money into this then buy a mac mini
    you can email me at [email protected]

    sincerely Joey J

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    First of all I don't believe that you will have to custom-solder a monitor cable as the eMac has a monitor-out port. What i would suggest is one of two things for power:
    1. Take the original power supply and just rig it up so you don't shock yourself.
    2. Clip the cable to the PS and do some soldering.

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    What Capitalizt said. Get an inverter and plug the Mac directly into the inverter to power it. Make sure you have mounted the power supply in a location/case so that it won't shock you or ground itself out in the car.

    It ought to work just fine.
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