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Thread: Beta: CCarProject

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    Talking Beta: CCarProject

    Nightly Build: .07
    Build Date: May 17 2005
    Build Url:

    Just cleaned up some code. Still working on the searching and sorting, haven't added the classes to the svn yet.

    Closed Tickets
    Fixed as per v .07 (Array object beyond bounds exception.)
    Fixed as per v .07 ([.06] icon now playing screen)
    No response, assumed fixed as per v. .07
    No response, assumed fixed as per v. .07

    Nightly Build: .06
    Build Date: Friday, May 16 2005
    Build Url:

    Now playing retains the music navigation.

    Few minor bugs in this such as I didn't include highlighting of the selected navigation button.

    When you click around alot the upcoming tracks list looses its spot, I will get it that soon, don't let me forget.

    Once again please use the ticket system for troubles, it is a big big help. If you submited a ticket please let me know if i fixed the problem.

    I closed three tickets tonight, one was bug bytes crash report(

    The second was the dual screen issues from Delivery_Guy(

    The Third was caused by the QTKit.framework being included into the build, (

    For those that are following the source, MusicDetailsController.h and MusicDetailsController.m will be removed by the next release. They have been replaced by a few subviews in the MusicWindow.

    The navigation table in MusicSourceController will be replaced with an enum struct because we no longer need the table view.

    There is now viewing playist for the MusicSourceController, we only set the media's selected playlist when we choose a song from a playlist, as per a suggestion.

    Private selector - (init) numberOfRowsInPlayist (MusicSourceController.m) now returns the number of rows in the viewingPlaylist.

    Added selectors,
    - (void) _makeNormalView
    - (void) _makeSongDetailsView
    Controls the layout of the MusicWindow. normal view displays the normal list of information, and the details view displays the track details view, resizes the table, and moves the scroll buttons out of site.

    - (void) _scrollMiniTrack: (id)sender

    Taken from MusicDetailsController, sender is expected to be a CCTrack, will be using CCMediaObject in the future.

    - (IBAction) showAlbums: (id)sender;
    - (IBAction) showArtists: (id)sender;
    - (IBAction) showPlaylists: (id)sender;
    - (IBAction) showSongs: (id)sender;
    - (IBAction) showPlaying: (id)sender;

    can ya guess at what these do?

    Added outlets to the new buttons on the window.

    I can't think of anything else so there ya have it.

    Nightly Build: .05b
    Build Date: Friday, May 15 2005
    Build Url:

    This should fix the loading bug.

    Sorry im just all over the place today

    Nightly Build: .05a
    Build Date: Friday, May 13 2005
    Build Url:

    This should fix various bugs, did way to much today and just did not doc them well.

    If you find any bugs(i am sure you will) please use the ticket system so that I can track them better.

    Just asign them to BenjaminS, i am currently the only developer.

    /** old post **/

    I found a great free Subversion host, so i decided to put up all my source tonight, even though its a complete fooking mess :P You can browse it by going to the site, The source is released under the gpl license, feel free to use it, modify it, and if you make something great out of it share it :P

    There is also a great wiki included,
    I just put it up so there is next to nothing there. Ha, on the todo list.

    You can out a copy anonymously by using this command,
    svn checkout

    You will probably have to install svn on your mac, you can get a binary from here,

    Some SVN resources.

    So now I am looking for people to help really pull this project together.

    If you want to help code, then please let me know, the repository is open to anyone that is willing to help. If you don't know where to start just let me know and ill assign you something.

    If you think you can lay out a decent road map for the project, let me know.

    If you can design icons, skins, and all that fun stuff let me know, or have an idea already worked out, add it to the interface ideas page,

    If you have bug reports, create a ticket,

    If you have an idea add it to the features page,

    Once again this is a start to a community project. I think that I have proven that I am serious about getting this done, but I could use all the help I can get.

    Version .04a
    Build Date: Thursday, May 12 2005
    Build Url:

    1. Fixed page display and scrolling, it now functions correctly.
    2. Fixed timer bug, wasn't being called on the last song of a play list, also made sure play/pause button gets set to paused.
    3. Removed post notifications(track did end, track should crossfade) in cctrack.m, perfroms a thread safe performSelectorOnMainThread: method.
    4. Added GPL license to header files.
    5. Seperated AppController from the actual controller, it is now MediaController
    6. Started Documentation.
    7. Fixed the 4 clicks on current playing track then crash, that was fun one :P
    8. Built on dual G5, runs fine. Added additional error checking to library loading to see if that sovles the loading issues. If that doesn't do it then i have one more idea, but that is going to have to wait till i get home.

    Hey not a bad list for my lunch break :P

    Nightly Version .03a
    Build Date: Tuesday, May 10 2005
    Build URL:

    1. Threaded Library Loading
    2. Added Loading Progress Indicator
    3. Test run of show / hide tab.

    I am probably going to be releasing nightly builds its the only way i can test to see if i have actually fixed anything.

    Those of you that were haveing issues loading the program, try this one. If it still is a no go then i am going to have to write a small seperate debugging app that will dump out massive amounts of information for me.

    The ugly orange bar to the right on the control hides the windows and then a tab is displayed. I just slapped this on there to see if thats is what you people are looking for. Forgot to include which window was key so it always returns home.

    Oh i wish i had a research and development department.

    /*** old post **/
    OK this *should* take care of the absurd length bug, a little duct tape :P.

    I will dive deeper into the core issue after work today. The issue lies in the id3tag framework that i didn't write, and yes i am kicking my self in the *** for not writing it myself :P Hopefully i can find the issue and submit a patch to its maintainer.

    But in the mean time try this.

    Thank you all for the error logs, THEY REALLY HELP!

    When it does crash the log will be in, ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/CCarProject.log

    I would greatly aprricate it being attached to you post.

    Thanks Bugbyte and Ph75 for the attachment, i was able to pin point the selector that was causing the issue.

    /** old post **/
    I know I know i am a day late, but this is the official .01a release. There are a lot of bugs, things that don't work, things that don't work right all the time, memory leaks, and more things that don't work.

    I just want to put this out there so that everyone knows that I am working on this as fast as I can.

    It reads your itunes library plays and all that fun stuff. Currently the search only works on a list of songs, i haven't implemented search in my other objects yet. Yes i know i know, the search box will be bigger and with an on screen keyboard, thats what that button to the right is, sorry for the wrong icon, didn't feel like making a real one.

    Source code will go up within the next one or two releases. I just need to go through and put the license in the files and clean everything up so people can actually understand my cooky programing :P

    Right now i have not implemented a loading screen(among many other things), so you will see the gui pop up, then get a spinning wheel of death, but it should go away once it is done sorting out your albums, artists, and artwork.

    Please constructive criticism only, I'm working on this thing as fast as I can and with my free time. So in short tell me how to make it better.

    Well let the **** hit the fan :P

    I will write more on this later and all that fun stuff, i need to get some sleep tonight.
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    I hafta work all night, but Ill try it out when I get home. Thanks!
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    Just downloaded it and tinkered with it for a few minutes.

    It looks GREAT...keep working on it...

    Work in progress - 95% Complete

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    Ben - I downloaded and launched. I got the main screen (looks great, by the way) and then the spinning beach ball. It did that for a few seconds, then the program quit with "The application CCarProject has unexpectedly quit"

    Crash reporter log is attached.
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    Good stuff... It worked fine for me.

    I can't stand the iTunes library. I'd much rather specify a folder and drop albums into it, rather than having to Add to Library.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noodles
    Good stuff... It worked fine for me.

    I can't stand the iTunes library. I'd much rather specify a folder and drop albums into it, rather than having to Add to Library.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte
    Ben - I downloaded and launched. I got the main screen (looks great, by the way) and then the spinning beach ball. It did that for a few seconds, then the program quit with "The application CCarProject has unexpectedly quit"

    Crash reporter log is attached.
    The same here. And after that, it never started up again.
    (i tried it on my G5 dual2.5 OsX 10.3.9)

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    Great Work!!!

    Looks great I am running Tiger(so far its amazing with just a few glitches) on my Powerbook G4 and this app looks great and the "itunes" function works great. If there is anything I can help with just let me know. Future ideas may be GPS or webcam. Keep it up
    Mac Mini(80 Gb/512Mb mem/Airport/Bluetooth)
    GPS(Route 66-hopefully something better soon)
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    The application displayed the main screen momentarily and then crashed:

    2005-05-10 08:48:18.655 CCarProject[486] init
    2005-05-10 08:48:20.954 CCarProject[486] comments
    2005-05-10 08:48:21.158 CCarProject[486] comments
    2005-05-10 08:48:21.216 CCarProject[486] comments
    2005-05-10 08:48:21.234 CCarProject[486] comments
    2005-05-10 08:48:21.305 CCarProject[486] comments
    2005-05-10 08:48:21.338 CCarProject[486] An uncaught exception was raised
    2005-05-10 08:48:21.338 CCarProject[486] *** -[NSConcreteData initWithBytes:length:copy:freeWhenDone:bytesAreVM:]: absurd length: -1, maximum size: -2147483648 bytes
    2005-05-10 08:48:21.338 CCarProject[486] *** Uncaught exception: <NSInvalidArgumentException> *** -[NSConcreteData initWithBytes:length:copy:freeWhenDone:bytesAreVM:]: absurd length: -1, maximum size: -2147483648 bytes
    This happens repeatedly when I try to run the application.

    The same happens on system 10.3.9 and 10.4.0.
    And it's a Swedish system version.

    I hope this helps in debugging...

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    Looks promising!

    I tested it on two machines...:
    Dual G5 running Tiger with 10k song iTunes library: it opens but crashes as soon as i try to touch something

    ibook G4 800 running Tiger with only about 30 songs: runs fine and appears to be playing, but no sound.

    Is there going to be album art support? That would kick ***

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