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Thread: CCarProject User Input -Video File Organization

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    They are mpeg-2 according to the software, but windows says they are Divx(.avi). They won't play in quicktime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdashiki
    what is the benefit to NOT using corevideo...?
    Core Video allows developers to apply all the benefits of Core Image to video blazingly-fast performance of filters and effects, per-pixel accuracy and hardware scalability.

    Until now, harnessing the power of the GPU required in-depth knowledge of pixel-level programming. Core Image allows developers to easily leverage these programmable GPUs for blistering-fast image processing that can eliminate rendering time delays. Effects and transitions can be expressed with a few lines of code. Core Image handles the rest, optimizing the path to the GPU. The result is real-time, interactive responsiveness as you select and apply filters.

    It is used for a completly different aspect of video, such as editing and manipulation. We just want to be able to play anything and everything, and thats a pretty hard thing to do. If not prove me wrong.

    MPLayer and VLC is pretty much the best out there from what i have seen, so why not use them, it GPL software, they want you to (if things go well in the courts that is )?
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    With divx plugin, I play .avi files using quicktime 7, so it is possible.


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    thank you for putting the CoreVideo in lay terms for me

    Anyway, doesnt using the Quicktime SDK allow you access to all installed codecs?
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