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Thread: one vga touch screen output and two ntsc

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    one vga touch screen output and two ntsc

    what do i need to get one vga and two ntsc screens to work from a minnimac install. i bought the apple vga to ntsc convertor. what adaptors or y do i need. be a new mac person.


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    i'm in need of the same thing and have no idea how to do it. i want to have my touch screen upfront but i have to lcds in my back headrests and i can't figure out how to split the signal between the three

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    You need a converter box, LIKE this one.
    Im sure there are many that would work. You could use a vga splitter, then run one to the vga monitor, and the other to a converter. BE mindful of the specifications of such devices; not all are compatible with all resolutions, and not all provide multiple outputs SIMULTANEOUSLY.
    EDIT: From the specs of the product linked to above:
    Output: Simultaneous (with VGA Splitter Cable) on VGA Monitor and to: Video Monitor/Projector, TV, VCR, etc
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    Im thinking laptop...


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