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Thread: CCarProject [Mac Frontend] Roadmap Inputs

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    Got a response from the makers of Navigator. They weren't real helpful and seemed a little defensive, actually.

    Anyway, they did not confirm the rumors of a US Mac launch, but they didn't deny them either. They did confirm that the software would not include AppleScript hooks. In addition, they took the opportunity to warn me that any software that connected to their software would have to honor their license requirements. Heh, here's the quote:
    As for licensing -- Navigator will not be released under the GPL
    license. Any licensing policy for the potential applications directly
    using (or communicating with) Navigator has to respect this fact.

    Oh well, it was a sales guy responding. I'm guessing I did a poor job asking my question

    At least they did not deny their intention of releasing a Mac version.
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    i think it would be really cool if we could see integration with pyobd

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