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Thread: GPS update "Navigator"

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    GPS update "Navigator"


    Email I recived from Directions Ltd.:

    Well, we still plan to support the PowerPC processors, although our life
    will be a lot easier once the Intel platform is up and running (which I
    think is one of the points of the switch)


    -----Original Message-----
    From: Anthony Martin
    Sent: 16 June 2005 14:57
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Macintosh Support

    A while back I e-mail you and asked about USA maps and Mac support.

    I was wondering if the latest Mac news (Intel) had changed your time
    line or desire to support Mac and USA maps.

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    please consider shipping in Universal Binary..... it'll make us all happy!

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    See, this doesn't make sense to me... Unless you're writing in assembly language (which I seriously doubt), writing for the Mac is the same whether it's Intel or PowerPC. You write for the APIs that the system has, not the processor.

    If any of you have any experience with Linux, you'll know that you can compile all (pretty much) the open source stuff no matter what processor it's running on - Intel/x86, PowerPC, Sparc, etc. When the Mac is running on Intel x86 and PowerPC it'll be pretty much the same seeing as all the APIs, system calls et all will be the same.

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    Agreed. If you have binary compatible compiler (like GCC) then cpu doesn't make any difference. The only thing that's at issue is what system calls are made. I'd be willing to bet that whatever "issues" they're having now are still going to exist when they try to compile on an x86 Mac.

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    A Marketdroid made that response. Those people usually think they understand more than they actually do.
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    on the mac its suppose to be easier... you just check the checkbox that says "Intel" ... Universal binary will run both on PowerPC and Intel... so no need to ship 2 different downloads....

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