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Thread: Some hope on the OBDII front

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    Some hope on the OBDII front

    I know it has been written off by most people but I would love to have it almost as much as GPS(w/ turn by turn) and this gentleman seems to be helpful. This is the response I got from a guy from support at who specialize in OBDII for the pc when I asked about Mac versions and told him about our little community:

    This is something I have consideredand will continue to think about in the future. It depends on how easily we would be able to port what we have over the Mac Operating System... verses actually rewriting the entire application from scratch (which I may consider doing as well). Right now, our immediate focus is on the Windows platform, but I will consider it even more after reading your e-mail. Thanks for the input.

    If anyone has any more input than my limited programming skills mayb eyou could give him a shout.
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    I'm really stuck anyhow.. My car is Hybrid!!!

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    What hybrid do you have? I found this site where some guy hacked his own software to read the detailed info on the toyota prius hybrid system from the CAN bus, and put it on his zaurus. It put the car's touchscreen to shame.

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