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Thread: Wode BT77 Bluetooth GPS & Route66, need help

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    Wode BT77 Bluetooth GPS & Route66, need help


    i am tring to setup Route 66 and a Wonde BT Gps Receiver on my Powerbook.
    I've got the notebook a couple of weeks ago , so maybe it is some sort of noob questions... anyway...

    I have Tiger 10.4 , after turning on my BT GPS i started the Bluettooth Device Setup , chosed "Any Device" , under Paskey Options i set up the right 0000 Passkey , then it says connction established , congratulations .......
    So everything seems to be fine so far.

    In Route 66 i go to Activate GPS , in the news Windows i press edit properties, cheose the BTGPS-SPPslave1 , and 9600 Baud , then Activate GPS.

    After a few seconds it says "GPS reciver is online , waiting for Information" , und Time i can see the right Datre and Time , but that's it , no Longitude or Latitude .

    After Disconnecting i tried it with my PDA , and everything works just fine.

    What am i doing wrong ?

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    Switch to 4800. I dont think that any GPS can support 9600.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxipad96
    Switch to 4800. I dont think that any GPS can support 9600.
    Thanks , but this bluetoth device is running at 9600 , tested on a Palm PDA and Windows XP.

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    NMEA only supports 4800. Other protocols will support a faster throughput.
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