A true GODLIKE frontend for mac would use:

OpenGL and Quartz effects

be written in Xcode

be a standalone application that taps into iTunes/Quicktimeplayer to play media. And not a BS widget, app launcher or anything like that.

You need something that you open once, it takes over the whole screen and unless you press another button (prolly within a menu) to minimize it, you wont ever see the OS again. Fine by me, put it to sleep/wake and I got my app still open. OSX is built to do this with all the built IN media stuff.

Oh and as for playing everytype of video, on a mac you gotta DL all the hard to find bull**** codecs. Lots of torrent sites etc have files with like the top 63 QT codecs in it, thats pretty much going to run all the .avi/mpg/xvid/ etc you will ever come across.