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Thread: MP3 Player gui?

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    MP3 Player gui?

    I am working on integration of iPod into the MP3 player in TatraApp (and therefore in iKarr as well :-) ). The idea is to simply connect the iPod and be able to play music stored on it (and later perhaps use it to transfer music from home computer to the car).

    Right now, I cannot decide about the user interface I should use for this function. I can:
    1. have a "SRC" button, that will switch between the local library and the iPod. Then the list of playlists would only show playlists from the selected source.
    2. simply add the playlists from the iPod to the list of playlists displayed after pressing "playlists" button. This would not require anything from the user except for plugging the iPod. On the other hand, the list may become a bit too long.

    What would you guys prefer?

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    Dont use an ipod regularly anymore (now if I could 'plug' in nokia via bluetooth and play mp3 on my 1g card...hmmmm). I digress...

    However guess one could display the available playlists from selected locations (which are configurable). So in this case if I want to use the ipod (or other device), I would ask it to scan selected locations. It would be nice to be able to prioritise this scan and also the display [ however if, not its easy to work around this by having say all ipod playlists starting with the appropriate char :-) ] Then one could scroll through the lists as required.

    Just a thought...
    rgds, raceer

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    Reason: I have many playlists on the iPod as well as on my local iTunes. If you just merge the two, a lot will be duplicate...

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