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    Mac Mini Audio Help everything for the car now...the Mac mini, Amp, Inverter, and touchscreen. All work great. Have a huge problem, the LCD head unit has only audio out, no audio in. Mac Mini has only the headphone out, so that is what I hook to the amp. Is there anything that can take 2 seperate audio outs into one unit and then go to the amp. It could have a switch to togle between whatever unit you want to use. Any thoughts please....

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    Why does the LCD have an audio out? What is generating sound from the LCD?
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    Can the touchscreen even interface with the mac? (Is there a usb cable from it?)
    You can use rca splitters to split the line in for amps between the two....... so this is like a pioneer HU with touchscreen or something?
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    get a claarion eq. it has two sets of rca inputs and gain controls for both. plus it has rca outs and rca sub outs. it can switch between both devices with the touch of a button. this is the one i have and it works great. Clarion EQ ON Ebay

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    if i understand correctly, you would like 2 seperate inputs (radio from your headunit, and audio from the mini). If this is the case, and your headunit has an rca audio out, what you should do is run it to an external sound card (or even an iMic from griffin). this way, on the mac mini, you can set the audio output to toggle between the two sources. Whenever you want to hear the audio coming out of the headunit, you just set the mac mini audio to "line-in" or "mic-in" and the output audio should be whats coming in from the headunit.
    good luck.
    how are you dealing with the low voltage of audio coming out of the mini? its only about 2v, so im planning to go buy a line drive....
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    Thanks guys...I am going to try the equalizer has a usb from the head unit to the mini...I bought the head unit from digitalworldwide inc.....

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