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Thread: Mini Volume Issues

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    Mini Volume Issues

    I have my Mac Mini going to sleep via the Carnetix P1900 controller when the ignition is turned off. I am using the Griffin iMic which is connected to an external USB hub (which turns off with the car). The problem is that when the iMic powers up, the default volume level is set at 100%!

    Is this an issue with presets in the iMic or is this an OSX issue? Are there any workarounds to restoring the volume level at it last setting when the Mini went to sleep and the iMic lost power?

    It causes quite a shock when the car is turned on. Thanks for any help!

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    I have the same set-up than you have: iMic through a USB Hub that goes to sleep with the Carnetix P1900. The volume stay where is was before going to sleep, but I had a similar problems with system preferences being change.

    I had a radioSHARK and iMic (both from GriffinTechnology) on the same hub. After waking-up, the sound input would had switch, sometime, from iMic to radioSHARK. I wrote to Griffin and they ask me to check if my HUB was backward compatible with USB 1.1 (or 1.0, I don't remember). It was so, so I move the radioSHARK to another hub and the problem disappear.

    It could be many others reasons, but you could start by looking at your accessory.
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    This thread might help you out.

    Set Volume control to winamp instead of master

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