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Thread: Front Row de Apple

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    Front Row de Apple

    Apple just release a new application called Front Row.

    A sort of media center for Music, Photo, DVD and others movies. It will come with the new iMac which use a iSight camera built in the display. It also come with a 6 buttons remote that control many function.

    There is a small tour which show you that navigation is a lot like iPod's structure.

    I guess we do not need the remote to use the software and that we can just click or use the touch screen.

    I hope it will be possible to install it in a Mac-Mini.

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    I know I saw it it looks great, it makes me almost want to put a mac in my car, almost.

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    this is near perfect.

    its a matter of whether or not front row is only for the iMac. i doubt it.
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    looks like apples take on MCE

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    I'm just hoping that I can download the software soon for my Mac mini :-)

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    watching the webcast right now, frontrow is awesome!
    The transition from the desktop to frontrow is sweet.
    I dont use a mac, havent in ages but im a little impressed with what apple has done with there recent offerings. I can now see putting a mac in the house as the family computer/media center and not have to worry too much about everyone not knowing how to use it.
    The video cam software (isomething) is pretty cool too, and photobooth. Not that its anything revolutionary, but just done cool and simple.

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    I just wish my car wasnt totalled. damn it. damn it. damn it.
    I would hook frontrow up to my steering wheel. or the powermate. or to some sort of neural transmitters to make it perfect.
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    any way to hax0r it and put GPS, Radio, TV and a clock as extra options?

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    Cant wait for this, they're selling the remote already separately so that should mean the software will soon be available... I THINK THIS WILL DEFINITELY BE AWESOME!!!!!
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    This would be the perfect front end for me I think.
    I wonder if it would work with a mouse?
    Even with a remote, I still would want it.
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