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Thread: Single-click mode for Tiger?

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    Single-click mode for Tiger?

    As many of you have probably experienced, it is very frustrating trying to double-click a touch screen to open files or play an ITunes song. If you don't touch your finger in the exact same place both times, nothing happens. I am trying to figure out how to put my Mac mini desktop interface in "single-click mode" (kind of like putting a Windows desktop into the "Web" mode). Can this be done in Tiger? Is there some sort of program that will accomplish this?

    Also, since I haven't been on this forum in a while, have any good Mac front-ends surfaced recently? (Don't worry, I'm not expecting any good news here... just thought I'd ask since that would be a better solution for my first question)

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    I'm not answering your question.....but I have found a VERY EASY way to double click. I used to try and just do it like would first make sense, touch relese (about a half an inch away) and then click again. It is very hard to do it this way because you can't hit it at the same time all off the time. What i figured out is if you "press" on the screen and release presure (but don't take your finger off the screen) and then apply pressure again, it is very easy and works every time for me. Just thought I'd share this knowledge.

    Dont click release click, click release pressure and then apply pressure again.

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    Another thing I did to help me is to lower the double click speed in the Keyboard and mouse system preferences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacMobile
    Another thing I did to help me is to lower the double click speed in the Keyboard and mouse system preferences.

    That's what I did. Helps, but still I make errors.
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