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Thread: Carnextix P1900 and USB Powered Hub

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    Carnextix P1900 and USB Powered Hub

    How are you guys doing. I am looking to purchase the P1900 soon but I have some questions that still remain. One puzzling me now is, since there are two outputs for p1900, one for mac mini and one for something else, like a USB Powered Hub, how would I get that Hub powered through to the p1900. Is it a special adapter that has to come with the hub power supply? Does the power supply of the hub have to go through a similiar process of the mac mini (stripped, then power/ground)... Let me know if you guys know any solutions. Thank You.

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    The P1900 has a few outputs, one for the mini and another (two maybe?) that are 5v that will power USB hubs. If you get a powered USB hub, it should have a 5v input so just cut the cord on the powersupply it comes with and connect the positive on the hubs cord to the positive on the P1900 and negative to negative and you are set.
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    You can either set the secondary output of the P1900 to 5v or purchase the tertiary 5V output. In both cases you then cut your hub's power cord and splice it to the P1900 output wires.

    Use a continuity tester or a multimeter to find which wire connects to the outside of the plug and the hub power adapter should tell you whether the outside of the plug is negative or positive (I think it's negative).
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