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Thread: iPod and the Mac Mini

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    iPod and the Mac Mini

    I am thinking of putting a MacMini set up in my car. Currently, all of my music is on my Power Mac and my iPod. I was wondering if I would need to put all of my music on the mini in order to play it or if I could simple plug in my iPod via the USB plug and play it that way. Trying this on my PowerMac I can see the iPod in iTunes and all of its music, but I can not play any of the songs. Is there a sollution or will I have to download all of my music to the mac mini.


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    play songs off the ipod

    there's definetely a way to do it and I'm pretty sure you you do it by:

    preferences->ipod (when its plugged in)

    change setting to manage songs manually

    you will probably want to do this anyway with two computers because otherwise it will complain about being linked to a different library when you plug it in to the mini.

    It wont sync automatically anymore, but you can just drag any songs you want to add form the library onto your ipod and it'll copy em. hope this helps.

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    ohh kool,didnt know that would work, gotta try it after i get off work.

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    I do it the same way, I like to listen to Podcasts and it even sees to it that the playcount is working :-)


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