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Thread: there's windowsLITE, how bout OSXlite

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    there's windowsLITE, how bout OSXlite

    is it possible?
    removing all the unused apps is easy. Basically osxlite would only need itunes, dvd player, iphoto and VLC player (sorry i hate quicktime for watching movies, it's only good for encoding) - easy

    remove almost all fonts, printer/scanner/etc drivers. - almost easy

    shrink down the 'library' folders - easy

    remove all networking services - very hard, make that extremely hard

    disable spotlight - somewhat tough

    completely remove dashboard - hard (but why would u do that)

    Remove menu bar from startup - hard
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    it is to proprietary, it would take so much damn effort to get all that out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by churnopol
    is it possible?
    I know in the 10.1 days you could turn off auto-login and then have it force you to type your user name vs picking your icon, then you could use >console to get a terminal login prompt (no Aqua). Then you could execute some apps by navigating into their app folder and running it's executable.

    I know iTunes and XFree86 (the opensource X11) would run this way.

    I haven't done this since 10.2 came out (they fixed Aqua so X11 ran at a decent speed) so I have no idea if it works any more or not. If it does though and the Apps you want to use will run, that would strip a lot of overhead out for you.

    Not sure that you would want to do this though as you could only have one App running at a time and you'd need some way to launch them since typing while driving isn't the best idea


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    I think you can boot it without the finder, but why do that?
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    You can use programs like OnyX and TinkerTool to control OSX
    a little more

    You can remove Extensions if you dont have the hardware to mach

    You can also remove Fonts you dont need

    Your preference files in the "preference folder" some times get funked
    and slow down OSX - you can delete them or use the freeware
    "Preferential Treatment" program

    Use ShadowKiller to kill the GUI Shadows

    But my guess it would be better to thin down a install and clone it

    You could make a script to do it - on a system already installed
    it would just delete junk and optimize

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    but removing all networking services would make the boot time decrease dramatically. Only if it were as easy removing everything else.

    btw thanks for suggesting Preferential Treatment, that really speeds things up
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