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Thread: iTunes Sync

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    iTunes Sync

    I remember someone starting a project on this but i think it was the same guy that started ccar project.

    I've been searching mac os x hints, internet, apple discussions every where.
    I a way to treat my mac mini like a PMP. i want to be able to pull into range of my imac and have playlist "x" automatically update. and to be able to drag and drop playlists to the mini.

    Any ideas? or is not possible.

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    I recall somebody on here writing some scripts using rsync to do what you are asking about.

    As far as dragging and dropping playlists, you ought to be able to connect to your iMac, open up the folders and do that. I don't know where or how the playlists are stored but if they are in file form, you can do it. Otherwise, you may have to sync up the iTunes database.
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