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Thread: Screen compatability

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    Screen compatability

    I bought an Innovatek TM-702L screen, but it's not VGA. I know there is lots of discussion on this board about this screen, but I'm just not familiar enough with a Mac to know if this will work with a Mac Mini or not (I've never used a Mac before). I thought I read somewhere that a Mac must have a VGA screen for it to work... is this right?

    Here are the specs on the screen:

    Size: 7" (diagonal length)
    Display Method: TFT Active Matrix System
    System: PAL or NTsC
    Resolution: 1140x234 dots
    Backlight: Cold cathode filament tube
    View angle range: left/right 65 top 45 down 15
    Power Input: DC12V

    Thanks a lot...

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    That screen is a normal Composite video screen.
    Basicly you would use the TV-Out Feature of a Mac Mini.

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    As sweet, ok. I was worried that the Mac Mini wouldn't work below a certain resolution, etc.


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