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Thread: Replacement for touchscreen

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    Replacement for touchscreen

    I am planning on making a controller similar to iDrive or Audi MMI so I can get rid of the touchscreen interface. I ordered a keyboard emulator from ultimarc an iPac2. I am thinking of getting an 8 direction encoder with push button switch from alps

    I will use this to emulate a mouse. hopefully this will give me a way to navigate the screen with something tactile as apposed to looking at the screen. I would also like to incorporate a few momentary switches. I will use one to emulate the apple key and one to emulate the tab key. That way I can switch between the programs I have running. I will probably use 4 to 6 switches and will figure out what i want them to do with the others. Anyone have any suggestions as to what type of momentary switches to use. If anyone could suggest something from that would be great.

    I want to make a controller similar to this How to make: iDrive armrest

    or this MMI style rotary encoder install - details

    Hopefully more like the second one.
    I have a mac mini installed and havent found any in the mac forum with this type of controller so I started this thread. I have a griffin powermate but its limitation of only 6 functions is not what I want.

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    By the way here are a couple pics of my install so far. I plan on getting it to look more stock with some kind of cover for the mini and lcd.

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