I am a nOOb when it comes to the carPC thing so hopefully you guys can help me out. BTW i have a 04 acura TSX stock navigation w/ dvd switcher conversion using this item

i would like to install a Mini, i already have a dvd converter that allows me to add different devices through the regular video inputs like svideo, video, left audio, right audio etc. i know the mini has svideo out but what about the audio?

does the resolution have to be a standard computer resolution? i believe the stock screen resolution is something weird like 840 x 428 or something random like that. if the video is coming from teh svideo would it just fit it to screen?

also what do you do about power? i would like the mini to turn off or go to standbye when i turn off the ignition and startup/resume when i turn on the car, any luck?

any luck installing front row on the older minis or should i just buy a new intel one?

thanks for the info guys, look forward to running this thing in my car!