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Thread: MAC MINI, How to turn on? Help please.

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    MAC MINI, How to turn on? Help please.

    hey...this might be a dumb question but, do you configure the system to go on. Am i going to have to boot everytime I go to turn my car on...or can i leave it in a constant state of sleep?...

    What do most people do?....

    Can the computer be configured to start as soon as the car is started, or the accecorie is turned on

    And is there a way to boot faster? u dont have to wait long to hear some music..ect.

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    Most people use the Carnetix P1900, available from the mp3Car store.

    See this thread for setting up the mini in a car, as it is VERY useful.

    FAQ: Installing a Mac Mini in Your Car

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    this should answer all your questions and what a lot of people are using:

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