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Thread: FrontRow Remote

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    Why the heck should I use a Wiimote? I can use the apple remote if I like to - but I wouldn't ask for someone to further develop this software I wanted to use a remote.

    As I wrote I like to use a touchscreen.

    So, if anybody knows how to do this and has 2 minutes of spare time .. you're welcome!

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    My apologies. I obviously misunderstood your post. Best of luck getting the source recompiled.
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    Who has used FrontRow Remote?

    Does it work well in OS10.4? I'd be willing to downgrade to 10.4 if so.

    I use AppleTVs more than FrontRow. Will FrontRow Remote work with the Mac version of BackRow as well?

    I'm currently using OS10.5 & BackRow w/ physical remote. I hope to get installing my system in the next few weeks and I'd like to get my interface/frontend as squared away as possible beforehand. The Powermate seems reasonable, but I'm afraid routing the cord will be problematic and I'd prefer a touchscreen solution... FrontRow/BackRow would be great options if I can find one!

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    It Works Great Under 10.4

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    my front row remote cause my mac mini to be unresponsive (with rotating rainbow busy mouse cursor). after waiting for about 1 minute, front row appeared, but no frremote control overlay on my screen. when i quit front row (using real keyboard), some time the frremote control overlay came up, sometimes didnt. the mouse cursor still in busy mode (rotating rainbow). then i must Force Quit frremote.

    anyone can help? i've tried to add new user and try running frremote from that new user, but i just got the same crash. i am using mac mini intel 1.83. OS X still in 10.5 (don't update yet)

    should i paste the crash log here? it's very big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chenull View Post
    It (according to other comments in this thread...) doesn't work in 10.5.

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    thanks dave.

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