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Thread: A 3rd party wireless adapter that works 2x better than airport

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    A 3rd party wireless adapter that works 2x better than airport

    AirStation Turbo G High Power Wireless Ethernet Converter
    Model: WLI-TX4-G54HP

    • High Power Wireless Increases Performance by up to 70% and Extends
    Range by up to 50%
    • 802.11g Wireless 125* High-Speed Mode™ (Turbo G) Transfer Rates when Used with 125* High-Speed Mode™ (Turbo G) Access Points or Wireless Routers
    • Four Built-in 10/100 Ports for up to 4 Simultaneous Wired Devices
    • Easy and Secure Wireless Connections with AOSS™
    • Can be Used Horizontally or Vertically
    • Compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g Wireless Routers and Access Points
    • Simple Web Browser Configuration, No Drivers Needed
    • Can be Moved from Device to Device without Reconfiguration
    • Enhanced Security with WPA (TKIP, AES) and Standard 64/128-bit WEP
    • Works as a High-Speed Wireless Gaming Adapter

    OMG i use this with my ibook to steal unsecure wireless networks, without having to leave the house.
    ok i test it everytime i use it. with airport i get a signal of -22db. with the adapter i get results twice as better.

    it's not 100% mobile cuz it needs a power adapter, but pushes in results u want
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    Wow, if you posted this in the netstumbler forums it would be like insta-ban. Mainly due to the fact that stealing it bad, but also due in part to poor grammer.

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