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Thread: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 on Intel Mac

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    Thumbs up One quicker step on making it one CD...

    3) Search for txtsetup.sif in this directory and open it with notepad. Change all %cd2name% to %cdname% (i.e., remove the "2")
    If you don't have it, download vim Then, use vim to open the file .

    And for those of you who don't know vi, just type the following:


    That will globally change all the instances of %cd2name% to %cdname%.


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    XP MCE on Mac Mini

    No problems with this install using Parallels. Keyboard eject key works OK to change CDs during install, What I really want to do is install using Bootcamp but MCE is the only legit copy of XP I have & it wont accept it. What the objection to MCE is I cant imagine.
    Parallels of course will accept anything legit or not.

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