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Thread: Another one down the line : driveXpress

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    wow i think i just craped my pants! This looks verry professional great job with the graphics. All the features sound great and just so you know if you even think of disapearing I will kill you! lol jk but I really would like to see this one go all the way

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    Thanks for encouraging me to carry on my work. I’m trying my best to invest as much as time (also, not neglecting my office) I can to write more and more codes.

    But, I actually need some practical feedback - this is very important. Did anybody try to put this app in the car yet, or anyone wants to do that shortly? I'm very much interested to know if it looks okay on a 7”/8” screen in the day time and at night and how well “touch screen” stuffs work. As far as I understand, my car dealer will take another 3/4 weeks to decide if they can install the Mini and the screen (or if its even possible) in my car and God knows how long they gonna take for the installation after that, if they think its possible. So, it gonna take a while for me to check myself. If I have to change some basic stuff then it’s better to modify now before I go any further. I really appreciate your assistances. Thanks in advance!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUsers
    Did anybody try to put this app in the car yet, or anyone wants to do that shortly? I'm very much interested to know if it looks okay on a 7/8 screen in the day time and at night
    I did try it on my 6.5" industrial LCD in the car (not the app, just screenshots). It is rather good as night-time GUI, but unusable at daytime (and I have tinted windows, that absorb 80% of the light!).

    Since I do not use touchscreen, I can't help you much with that part.

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    I checked on short run to airport this morning (outward in the dark, return in daylight - not bright sunshine), alongside frontrow on 7" (800x484) touch screen. Would expect its not as bright as JJ's industrial lcd. I also don't have a tint btw.

    Its nice in relative darkness with the dark lettering however, its likely to be tricky to operate on a touch screen with the buttons for the peripheral screens as they are in different locations. However, I suspect once you get used to it, this may be less of an issue (the location I mean). One could overcome this by having all the controls in one location regardless of the menu item (radio, tv, video, audio). Getting back to another section via current menu could be tricky initially. You could increase the available real estate (space) on the screen by moving the menu button to the top. You could integrate this with the existing driveXpress "logo". Say, make the logo slightly bigger and make it a button (guess it would not need to have the words "menu").

    The main buttons are nice and large and easily operated via the touch screen. Confirmation with audio is a very nice touch. Perhaps even (a click) when a button is clicked (like front row) might be neat and increase the experience.

    I did not use the browser as I dont have connectivity (as yet) with wireless being prohibitively expensive in these parts.

    In summary, its a great app with huge potential !! Keep up the great work.

    Also is anyone tells you its not possible to install a mini or other computer, dont believe them, just find another installer :-) Where are you located ?

    Feel free to holler if you want any info, feedback ! Would be happy to send you more info, notes/diags etc (PM your contact info).

    rgds, raceer

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    lookin sweeeeeeet!!! any chance it can fit on a 15" monitor?
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    pretty slick, one thing I noticed though is in the phone book, the background has squares of a different contrast for each contact. However when you scroll they don't always line up with the contact name. Also when a contact is selected it is highlighted differently and doesn't flow with the rounded rectangles in the background.

    Nitpicking but the rest of the interface is freaking great, figured it would be good to point out stuff like that. I really really like this interface.
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    Can the addressbook use Apple's build in Bluetooth for dialing your mobile?

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    Experience = 0 Wow if only every started out like you. I pesonaly haven't tried this out yet, but I can honestly say that I am jealous of everyone else that has been able to test it. I currently don't have a mac , but I am saving up, and will have one hopefully by august/september.

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    whoa!! That is BY far the best looking front end! Cant wait to play with it for use in my future carputer project !

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    Nice work.
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    - front row is installed!

    Current pics of my install

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