Hello all,

In case anyone is missing it, Bestbuy.com has a special this week on the Nokia BH200 Bluetooth Headset for only $7.99 (online) and $9.99 (in store -if you can find it!!)

> 'instant savings' (i.e. no mail-in rebates!) of $50 !!

I backordered mine online as they are all gone on the stores.

Intent: Use for frontrow, itunes and Voice Over.

Does anyone know what is the state of the Union with Voice Recognition Support on Apple's Bluetooth 2.0 drivers?

Quite surprisignly, their website is outdated and lists only PPC macs ( No intel!).

Get your Nokia Bluetooth before Saturday and the price will be the same.

(At any rate I'll use mine on iChat AV for conversations ---way better than the powerbooks own microphone!).