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Thread: mini and my car audio

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    mini and my car audio

    ok i know im not the first person to ask this but i ve look around this site and cant find exactly what im looking for. i need like a step by step of how to hook up my mini diretly to my cars speakers i dont have any facncy car audio just the factory speakers and a pioneer head. i want to hook my mini up to the speakers so i can run itunes and watch dvds and here it lound and clear through the speakers. if i get everything working good i will prob use the mnin as my head and get rid of my curret head. but im new to all of these so i need as much help as i can get. i read other threads on this site on how to hook up the power and lcd and i think i can get that done this is the only thing holding me back. thanks for any help any one can give me

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    You need AMPs.

    For starters, get a small 4 channel AMP that will give you ~25watts to each speaker. That would be roughly the equiv of a low to mid range head unit and they can be found pretty cheap (I think my Alpine that I briged for my rear speakers would be perfect for your case as was only about 150 (I think it's list was 200)).

    Then you simply get a cable from RadioShack (or somewhere similar) that has a headphone mini jack on one end and RCA male connecters on the other. Depending on the AMP, you probably will need two female to male RCA splitters to hook up both front and rear channels.

    Then when you want more power, simply put more AMPs in and use some more splitters (though there are other options then too). That is beyond the scope here though, check the Audio forum for all the info on going nuts with audio.

    I currently have 3 amps (front, rear, sub) running off my mini.

    As an aside, if you are using an Intel Mini, a few of us have noticed odd issues using the headphone jack directly on the Mini. I use an external M-Audio sound card (no drivers yet so all I can use is the headphone jack). The problem is that when the Mini wakes up, it no longer notices anything is plugged into the head phone jack and plays via the internal speaker. Really annoying when it is burried where it is not readily accessible.

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    I use a griffin imic, it is USB and works great. I also, instead of using splitters, (because sound quality lessens when you do that) use a small equalizer that splits the channel into three; front, rear, and subs. That way you can still use fading and balancing. You could also use a line driver for that same thing.

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    Here's how I did mine (4 channel amp wired into stock speakers, no head unit):


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    Check here for answers to a lot of your questions. There is a thread link about how to connect your PC to your car stereo. There is no difference between doing it with the Mac or a PC.

    You may find some of the other links in there helpful as well.
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