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Thread: Front Row Problems!

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    Front Row Problems!

    I have Front Row installed according to the directions on Andrew Escobar. It has worked for straight 3 months or so when I first put it on. Now, whenever I play a song, I cant turn up or down the volume, as it stays at the max. I try with my Powermate, with Front Row Remote, and with the keyboard and the volume slider shows up, but will not move.

    I installed BluePhoneElite 2 around the time this happened...could that be part of it? Thanks.


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    I'm still having this problem...and now I am fairly sure it is actually the iMic I am using that is causing it. I can switch to the built-in audio and the volume slider works, but not when I select iMic... Why is that?


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    is there a volume control on the iMic? sorry for my incompetance, but never used one so couldnt tell you.
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