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Thread: different types of displays..?

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    different types of displays..?

    i'm about to buy a display for the mac setup in the car, and i was just wondering what different types of monitors people have put in and how they work to just get some different ideas?? i was looking to the buy the lilliput 8" touch by the way.

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    better make a trip to the LCD/Display section before someone kicks your balls into your stomach.
    But your 8" lilli touchscreen is popular.
    I've gone with a laptop setup and use the original laptop screen. I navigate with a touchpad close to the wheel. Simple and most importanly, cheap for me.
    Good luck and happy reading!
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    Also, to avoid even more ball kicking, I would suggest that you click the big link in my sig..

    It's full of really vital information about what to get, etc... as far as car pcs are concerned..



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