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Thread: Griffin Powermate with Macmini Solo Kernel Panic

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    Griffin Powermate with Macmini Solo Kernel Panic

    I bought the Griffin Powermate yesterday, but unfortunately it caused Kernel Panic once I installed the driver and plug the Powermate to my MacMini Solo.

    Then I quickly search MP3Car Forum and found others that having similar problem with the MacMini Solo + Powermate. I was so dissapointed I didn't check the forum first before I made the purchase online.

    Now, is there anyone here managed to use the Powermate with MacMini Solo? From what I read, the coreduo is not affected. Please help to share with me your solution. Thanks.

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    Try USB Overdrive: I do not have PowerMate with me here, so I can't test, but it could work. It works with surprisingly many devices.

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    I installed the usbpowerdrive but unable to configure the buttons. Anyone tried this before? Thanks.

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