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Thread: Looking for a template of a mini mac 1.83 dou core back side

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    i just got a piece of clear plastic and traced the back of the minii onto it and drimmel the designs of the usb ports dvi vents.... and what not.then took some foam like material that was from a watch case and protected the back side from glue when i hot glued the plugs into placethen once they were dry i just was going to cut the foam off around the glue, but it kinda made for nice protection on the back side of the mini so it didnt scratched all up if i ever decided to sell it if they came out with a fast mini,who knows....please noone say crap about my typin i know i suck i know a 5 year old can type better.i just dont waste time with punctuations and such if u can read then thats all that matters

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    If you look here:-
    New Mini in an Audi project
    you'll find a picture of an Intel Mac and dimensions of a classic Mac mini posted by BugByte. Failing that use some clear plastic to trace the dimensions then transfer to your aluminium.

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    that's funny

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