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Thread: How to: Using Boost Mobile low cost internet on a Mac

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    Using bluetooth boost mobile as a modem on a mac

    this is how you use you boost mobile phone a modem. first you need the data plan. the unlimited plan is the best. then you need a bluetooth enabled phone and bluetooth on you your mac or PC (most macs have bluetooth)

    1. turn bluetooth on in phone

    2. go to your network setting (system preferences network)

    3. click on bluetooth

    4. fill in the info

    configuration: default

    telephone Number: S=2#777

    Account name: your 10 digit phone number

    password: your pin (you use this to sign in to your boost mobile account)

    5. click the advanced tap then change the modem setting to:

    vendor: sprint

    model: PCS vision

    Make sure "enable error correction and compression in modem" is checked

    Dial mode: you what to Ignore dial tone when dialing

    6. hit okay

    7 a phone icon will so up on the top tool bar
    click it then click on "connect bluetooth"

    now you are connected. is slow but it works. boost mobile will tell you that this can not be done. But you can

    problems setting it up chip me at 192*145*1527

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    I use Boost Mobile with the moto i290 and your instructions worked great.

    However, if you go into the advanced setting on the phone, and set the baud rate to "automatic"; things speed up quite a bit (it's still slow, but not as bad).

    The default baud rate was really low. If you set it too high - you won't connect all the time.

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    there is another service to do gpsphone tracking

    visit to check it out.

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