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Thread: GPRS Mobile.....

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    GPRS Mobile.....

    Well, i have now got to the stage where my old plan was causing me problems, as they got it wrong on my bill and wanted to chatge me....

    So after thinking long and hard about how i was going to connect to the net using my phone, preferably without changing contracts, i came across a plan that suited my needs...!

    And the result of this is particularly interesting when you look at the data connection....!

    I managed to get unlimited usage on evenings and weekends....!!!

    So for 30 i get 200 anytime any network minutes, plus an extra 200 minutes anytime any network for being a loyal customer. 6 for 100 txt. 5 for the data plan. 5 a month insurance next day replacement....!!!

    A total of 46 ($86) for everything....!!!

    I was quite happy, especially as i don't actually use my car during the day in the week anyway, so it suits me down to the ground, and i don;t have to look for a network if i want the net. It runs really well on 3G so speed isn't really an issue for the car either, not broadband, but definately usable....!!!

    Smart Car due for completion beginning of march....

    Log with pictures to go online shortly after.

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    Dude, that's frickin cool. Some day I'll be able to get descent cell phones and data plans like that. Won't be till I move though....
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    It's installed by default on every version of Windows.


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