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Thread: Destinator 3 Frontend v1.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja Monkey
    Fixed! I'm a tired monkey!

    sounds great but when I try to open it I get

    message: Can't create output file C:\DestinatorApps\Frontend\Mswinsck.ock

    what does this mean and ...what can I do about it?

    thanks for all your hard work!

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    I'm also having a few random problems. Sometimes it wont open at all, other times it opens but the home or the arrow to select the views or even the entire menu wont work. Also getting that strange efect on the florence map of the route not being continuous.

    Edit: The routing problem it's specific to the florence map. With my regular map it works perfectly. Sorry about that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKurbster
    uninstalled all other versions and installed a fresh copy of ver 1.1 and for some reason i get error messages when after i type a route and navigate it then try to press like settings, or recaulate, it freezes and error comes up. been trying to see what is causing it but no luck. Note* it's not happening all the time though.

    anyone else having problems?
    What's the error message?

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    looks promising...

    yet i have one small technical question - how can i change the map font type (since the default tahoma font makes trouble with hebrew)?.
    i have seen the option in the Interface directory to change the interface font, but i never seen a similiar option for the map fonts.

    i will appriciate any hel you can give.

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    It's great nice to see some effort into this!!... one request though:

    When entering a route (address, nr, zip) with the onscreen keyboard, and you have the search field, could you make so the map is invissible, because when have entered all things the screen is very messy and not easy to read.... so basiclly make the search field bigger so it covers the whole map, instead of just looking like it's on top (which looks very odd when only 5mm of the map is vissible at the end) - so to get peace for the eye, this would be great.

    otherwise great work!

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    well that just messed my car pc D3 up! Futherest i got it working is in mediacar it loads but nothing comes up, only the Frontend not Destinator. I get a "Run time error: out of Memory error" message too. Damn i had it working fine with v1 before.
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    the download links dont work. Could somebody please post a mirror site for download?


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    Download no disponible

    Ninja work it for fixed the problem in this page??

    I hope for last time its it possible the upload

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    ffs.. hes me just finished my skin, and he goes and releases a update.. O well lol

    heres a taster of what it 'would' of looked liked

    will add the extra functions in the next couple of days :-)

    also just a quick question.. how hard would it be to move the main_menu and the dest_menu into the middle of the screen.. this would finish the skin of wonderfully as the boxs are the same size as the 'view' menu



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    Love that skin CDR.. very TomTom
    ....Yes, I know it has a stupid name, those crazy Japanese!

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