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  • -Advanced GPS Mode
  • -Speed Displayed
  • -Number of Satellites displayed
  • -Seperate destinator Skins for each frontend skin
  • -Ability to mute a sound line on Maneuever approach
  • -Master Volume Control
  • -Custom Keyboard Keys
  • -Complete Configuration Screen
  • -OSK Key Down Effect
  • -Add road names to 3D view
  • -Speed Camera Detection from CSV
  • -Add Speed Camera Button
  • -OSK ASCII Code fix (For foreign characters)
  • -Allow automatic updates to client's winsock of approaching speed cam
  • -Scroll Map with keyboard
  • -Winsock/Hotkey Command to cycle through address dialog
  • -Route to specific longitude & Latitude
  • -Option to reconnect GPS on power resume
  • -Seperate skinnable Navigate button on address dialog
  • -Customizable Speed Warning
  • -Extra winsock commands to set:
    • -colour mode
    • -Heading Up/North Up
    • -Volume/up/down/setvolume
    • -Query the current open dialog (address/poi etc)
    • -Change the voice prompts (automatic speed notification on/off etc)
    • -Set/enable/disable the custom speed alert
  • -Sync Clock with GPS time