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Thread: Speed Camera's mainly GATSO (UK)

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    Speed Camera's mainly GATSO (UK)

    Hi doesanyonehave the completelist of link i need to have speed camera data and detection in Destinator?

    Also why dontwe host a CSV file for each country that we can all update withnew camera sites? or does anyone know a free one?

    I have the OriginB2 unit Like this and its a beast - there bringing a cable out to link their unit and PC / PDA so will let you know if that brings any advantages our way!!


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    We are working on this,
    We have a few variants of different speed camera databases, some are csv files some are dat files, some are ov2 files, after comparing them we found that some have more entries than others but, not all the same as eachother, this adds great confusion to understanding what db would be best to use, at current we are using a well updated POI db for all cameras not just gatso's, allowing us to have global db's for all countrys. we will then design a auto sync / update system to allow ease of updates plus allowing manual entries (when a camera found that isnt in the db) to be added and uploaded automatically to the db for everyone else to sync
    these db files are totally compatable with our own gps system as well as destinator 2 / 3
    this will take some time though, so dont expect it in a alpha or beta release of AIMEE too soon
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    82 have a regularly updated csv of camera sites in the uk

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    where do i down load speed cameras files uk, for gnav10 destinator sat nav

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danceheaven
    this will take some time though, so dont expect it in a alpha or beta release of AIMEE too soon
    When is that alpha or beta release again?
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