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Thread: FIND HERE: Destinator Voices 15 languages!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frigor
    NinjaMonkey... RoyN told me you have the voice pack now... will you share to the world?
    Where? When? I can't wait for italian!
    Uploading to my webspace as we speak
    Destinator 3 For PC! -

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyN
    I came accross a bunch of destinator voices... I'm not sure about copyright on them as there isnt anything in the pack I got about that...

    anyways, I guess if you are legally using destinator, the voices wont be a problem...

    Here is the list. They are around 1-3mb each, so I dont have a place to put it right now, if someone volunteers to host them add me to msn roynasser @ and we will figure something out... if not I can e-mail languages to individuals, if time permits... be nice! :P

    I'm compiling this list quickly, so I might be wrong about some voices working at all or some might be incomplete:

    (And I'm sorry if everyone already has this, I was looking for it and finally found this whole bunch)

    - Danish
    - Dutch
    - English
    - EnglishUK
    - French
    - German
    - Greek
    - Hebrew
    - Hungarian
    - Italian
    - Norwegian
    - Portuguese (BR) -> this is what I'm using!
    - Spanish
    - Swedish

    Please dont e-mail me on my MSN address as I dont even use that... just post here if you want me to send it to you.... (All languages together comes to 28mb if someone wants to host)

    Please mail me the Danish at [email protected]

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    Holy thread necra Batman


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