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Thread: Destinator 3 Frontend v1.1.3 BETA

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    Exclamation Destinator 3 Frontend v1.1.3 BETA

    This is a BETA version of the frontend, if you wish to participate in the test, BACK UP YOUR CURRENT DESTINATORAPPS FOLDER.

    With that done with...

    Version History
    [v1.1.3 BETA]
    *New Features*
    -Advanced GPS Mode
    	If you have a NMEA GPS receiver, you can now connect destinator
    	using an advanced mode where information such as speed, heading
    	and number of satellites is available. If you use the winsock
    	control, you can even retrieve the entire NMEA string.
    -Speed Camera Detection
    	The frontend can now notify you of approaching speed cameras.
    	Cameras can also be easily added to the database via a button
    	on the main toolbar
    -Automatic Update of Speed cameras
    	When connected via the winsock control, you can opt to be notified
    	of any approaching cameras. This is useful for custom applications.
    -Scroll map with hotkeys
    	You can define hotkeys to scroll the map and also return to the home
    -Fullscreen Mode
    	A hotkey can be defined to enter and exit fullscreen mode. You can 
    	also choose to always start in fullscreen.
    -Reconnect GPS on power resume
    	When returning from standby or hibernate, you can choose to
    	automatically reconnect the GPS.
    -Navigate Button
    	There is now a navigate button on all dialogs at the bottom right of
    	the screen
    -Manual Destination
    	You can now route to specific longitude and latitude coordinates.
    -Speed Display
    	The current speed can be overlayed on top of the mapping window
    -Customisable Infobar
    	Most aspects of the infobar can now be edited (fonts, colors,
    	positions) by modifying the skin.
    -Destinator Skins
    	Each skin can now have it's own individual "Destinator Skin"
    	allowing you to change the scrollbar / fonts / internal
    	buttons of destinator without effecting other skins.
    -Line Mute on Maneuevers
    	As well as Winamp and Frodo control when approaching a maneuver,
    	You can now optionally mute a sound line on your system.
    	(Wave, Mic, Line-in etc..)
    -Volume Control
    	Buttons can now be added to a skin to control the master volume
    -New Voice Pack
    	A new voice pack from the PPC version has been included called
    -New Winsock Control
    	A newer version of the Microsoft Winsock Control (MSWINSCK.OCX)
    	has been included. This should fix any compatability problems
    	with other applications and help with performance issues.
    *Changes / Fixes*
    -Client/Frontend Merge
    	The client and frontend have been merged into a single application.
    	This will greately increase the speed of operation.
    	The Estimated Times were being incorrectly calculated. It has
    	now been fixed.
    -Button Click Simulation not working when embedded
    	This has now been fixed.
    -Zooming Loop
    	The map scale would reset to max if you zoomed in too far. This has
    	now been fixed.
    -TMC Disabled by default
    	TMC is now disabled by default in the configuration file due to
    	unsuccessfull testing.
    -New Hotkeys
    	Hotkeys have been added to perform many new functions - such as;
    	-Cycle Through a dialog
    	-Toggle Map Color Mode
    	-Toggle Map Orientation
    	-Add a speed camera
    -New Winsock Commands
    	Many winsock commands have been added to enable lots more control
    	from a custom application. Please see the development folder for
    	further information.
    -Custom OSK Keys
    	You can now add custom characters to the on screen keyboard
    	without needing to replace the preset keys
    -Various other undocumented bugs have been fixed
    I've not got time to write a quick FAQ right now, so just install and start playing... "Advanced GPS" is what you want to enable for the good stuff

    Destinator 3 1.1.3 BETA - Full Package [12.0MB]


    Edit: If you're getting errors about missing TABCTL32.OCX, download it here
    Destinator 3 For PC! -

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    Downloading now, i'll give it a go and let you know how I got on..

    Nice work

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    I still get the Tahoma font missing, and then i get this error

    Error Details:

    Number: 339
    Description: Component 'TABCTL32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
    Source: Open_Setup
    Version: 1.1.300
    HelpContext: 1000339
    LastDllError: 0

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    Cheers Ninja

    d/l now

    Build status {..........|} 99%
    All installed - now into the fiddling about stage
    MB: EPIA C800
    Display:Xenarc 700TS
    Power:PW-70A & ITPS
    HDD:40Gb Maxtor Diamond max
    Radio:Dlink DRU-100
    OS:XP SP2

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    Those of you missing TABCTL32.OCX can get it here
    Destinator 3 For PC! -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja Monkey
    Those of you missing TABCTL32.OCX can get it here
    Nice Thank You, still getting the font error? can i do anything with that?

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    downloading now, looking forward to seeing it in action.


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    If you hare using XP , move the TABCTL32.OCX to windows/system32,
    Then start , run , regsvr32 \windows\system32\TABCTL32.OCX
    Then you can configure D3

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    if i am pressing The Arrow in the right corner or trying to use any buttons in the menu, i get the message that windows has closed it down, and i can send a fail report. etc.

    I also get this fail on my 2 laptops (XP SP2), and also with the earlier version of D3

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