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Thread: Ninja Monkey U R Awesome!

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    Thumbs up Ninja Monkey U R Awesome!

    I just got my destinator maps and this is great. Easy to use and great for a vehicle. 100 times better than my Garmin and 100 times better than streets and trips.

    Again thanks and praises!

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    Much appreciated It's always nice to hear comments like this among all the bug reports and requests

    Keep an eye out for the next release which should be coming very soon!
    Destinator 3 For PC! -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja Monkey
    Much appreciated It's always nice to hear comments like this among all the bug reports and requests

    Keep an eye out for the next release which should be coming very soon!
    NM We ALL think your awesome.....
    AND the reason why this GUY thinks it's soooo easy is because Everyone's been doing bug reports and YOU have been fixing them !

    PS: Can I have it for a Birthday Present please.. (hint 27th JAN)

    Keep up the good work...

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    Yea ninja, this is one of the best gps software iv ever used. Excellent work!!

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    All praise amplified here.

    30 hour round trip for the christmas holiday, and after pulling the deluo GPS out and putting it on top of the dash, it behaved faultlessly.

    Route recalculations are an area that Destinator need to work on, when working over long distances, but for in-town navigation it was fantastic. It navigated me to my sisters new house easily even though I hadn't been there before.

    Thank you!

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    I just got the maps installed and I've been playing around with D3 on my laptop until I figure out where I'm mounting my screen... The program is awesome and I agree 100%... I have both MS Streets and Street Atlas, and the program has the best of both worlds IMO... nice maps, tons of options, voice prompts (lacking in the MS package) and it's touchscreen friendly, which neither program has.

    I still have to mess with the options and see, but so far I think it's great. The only thing I wish it had was street names in 3D view, but I guess I can't complain because the other programs don't even have a 3D view...

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